winnie brückner studied jazz-singing and composition in weimar und luzern and is graduate of degree course at “lichtenberger® institut für angewandte stimmphysiologie”.
awardee of “leipziger jazznachwuchs-stipendium” und of the composition competition „gebt uns noten“ of german choir association. founder and musical director of niniwe vocal art, who won numerous prizes at international a cappella competitions (e.g. graz, tampere, taipei, aarhus, seoul).
bands and collaborations with many musicians, such as shoot the moon, glücklich1, max andrzejewski´s hütte, vox nostra, frank möbus, daniel erdmann, sebastian studnitzky, stefan schultze, nicolai thaerichen, raymond macdonald, maggie nichols & günter baby sommer.
touring in europe, asia & usa.
teaches jazz-singing & teaching methods at UDK berlin and at bundesakademie trossingen. is instructor in many workshops & masterclasses, arranges for choirs and has also published numerous arrangements at the helbling verlag.
since 2022, she hosts and curates the be kind festival in the old berlin KINDL brewery in neukölln.
lives in berlin.